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What is Horaiya’s Amazake?

Horaiya’s Amazake is a fermented rice drink that is popular in Japan for its health and beauty benefits. Its refreshing sweetness is unlike other amazake, receiving popularity as “amazake that is easy to drink.”

Why is Amazake so special?

The health and beauty benefits from drinking amazake is due to KOJI FERMENTATION.

Koji is a type of mold that is essential to Japanese food such as sake, soy sauce, mirin and miso. The mold, Aspergillus oryzae, breaks down steamed rice and produces various nutrients. Horaiya’s Amazake is produced with JUST KOJI, no additional rice is added. Thus, Horaiya’s Amazake has numerous benefits from drinking amazake and expresses the beauty of koji in one drink! Below are some health and beauty benefits that amazake is said to have.

Great Morning Drink!!

Horaiya’s Amazake is rich in glucose, which is the energy supply for the brain and body. Glucose can immediately be used for metabolic activity, making it the perfect morning drink to start your day.

Beautiful Skin!

Horaiya’s Amazake is made with koji. Koji is said to produce kojic acid, which prevents freckles and discoloration of skin. Consumers give us calls saying their skin improved after drinking our amazake!

Nutritious Beverage!

Amazake is well-known as a nutritious beverage containing a wide range of nutrients. Horaiya’s Amazake has all essential amino acids, which are necessary to be consumed to produce proteins that are crucial for metabolic activity. Horaiya’s Amazake also has Vitamin B and Folic Acid, a necessary nutrient for expectant mothers.

Koji breaks down the starches in rice to produce various kinds of sugars including oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides help improve microflora by promoting the growth of helpful intestinal bacteria. Amazake is also said to have dietary fiber, which helps increase bowel movement and peptides that help lower blood pressure.

Horaiya’s Amazake has glucose, the energy source for the body. Glucose is easily absorbed and used in the body, and thus, helps recover from exhaustion. Vitamin B also helps increase metabolic activity. Amazake is said to contain amino acids used in muscle cells and reduces lactic acid production.

The brain uses glucose for energy. Since glucose can quickly be absorbed and used in the brain, drinking amazake helps improve activities requiring heavy thinking and alertness. When feeling exhausted and drowsy, drink Horaiya’s Amazake to help boost your concentration!

Amazake is said to have various health and beauty benefits, but effects may vary between individuals.