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Horaiya Honten Co., LTD


Horaiya’s “Soy Sauce Koji” successfully obtained Kosher certification in 2018. With this strength, Horaiya exported 2400 bottles of “Soy Sauce Koji” and 440 bottles of “Amazake” to Israel. In September of 2018, President Hiro Yaginuma and Misaki Tanida from International Sales visited Israel and presented Horaiya’s products to various chefs and owners.

Not only did Horaiya’s “Soy Sauce Koji” and “Amazake” receive praise, but also Horaiya’s new miso “Fuwatto Koji” was popular among chefs. Horaiya aims to leverage our Kosher certification and further promote Horaiya products in Israel.

Japanese chef in Israel introducing Horaiya “Soy Sauce Koji”